Friday, January 15, 2010

Cats (14/1/10)

Here is my progress for week 2 of Cats which I restarted this year. I tend to make working copies of 6 blocks of 100 stitches per A4 sheet and I find this works well for me as the symbols are then quite large and easy to follow plus I feel a little achievement as I move onto the next page. There are 8000 stitches to each page and so far I have stitched up 3000 stitches so it is also an quick way of keeping check on my progress. There are 99,900 stitches in the chart so a long long way to go but a little picture is already starting to emerge.

Next week I will go back to stitching my QS White Cat for a while as I really want her finished soon.

Keep up the good work and happy stitching :)


Lonneke said...

That looks good. You've a lot of progress. It's nice to know how much progress you've made. I find it really encouraging.

Terri said...

Looks great.