Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Still Here

So sorry I haven't posted for such a long time. I've still been struggling to find my stitching bug but after a lot of thought and chats with other stitchers this week I think I am finally turning a corner and know where I want my stitching to go.
I've worked a little on my Moon Fantasy Storykeep and Cabin In The Woods but not much progress to show I'm afraid. Cabin was still on the qsnaps for this photo so you can't see the pages already completed. I will take a pic of the whole thing next time I update.
At the moment Cabin is calling to me the most so I'm going to give that some attention and see if I can actually make some progress on it. I love this design SO much and really want it finished and on the wall one day, but the blues just seem to be going on forever. I have decided when I eventually finish this page I am going to move down and do another page with the cabin itself on for some excitement lol.
It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful present of the new QS Garnet by Rachel Anderson which I am hoping to stitch in HDF silks. A very kind soul is doing the conversion for me and once I have that I will start saving to get the silks. I think at the moment I'm going to get the first 20 or 30 so that I can at least make a start on her, then get the rest bit by bit as and when I can afford. So hopefully I will have some pics of her to share soon.


Claire said...

Keep smiling and look forward to perhsps doing a SAL with you sometime soon :o)


Ingrid said...

It looks great, and also a beautiful progress!

Terri said...

Wonderful progress and I love that idea to convert it. Good luck on it and cannot wait to see what you do.