Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sandra Kuck Xmas Update

My HEAD buddy, Jayne sent me this today:

It has been a while since I have sent along an update of "Xmas" so here we are. It is a Sandra Kruk, stitched on 22 count over 1 and I am loving it again. I am sure once the warm weather comes along I will put her away but for now I am having fun playing in the snow. Since I am not one to stitch a page or 10 x 10 at a time, I usually pull one length and work with it until I realize I have the wrong colour for that symbol. lol, No seriously, I have done that in the past but I am trying very hard to focus on detail. again I say lol...

Have a wonderful day.

~ keep An eye for threads & Be Always in Stitches ~
~ Jayne ~



kerbear said...

This looks great and I have been known to do the same thing with the symbols!

Ingrid said...

i love this one , and I look forward to see it grow! Here in Belgium it is still very cold, so too early for good weather!