Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mermaid of the Deep SK

Hello ladies!

I know I haven't been here or very supportive in the last few weeks. :-( I do look at your progress pics and think "WOW!" and then feel like I'm not getting anything done on mine.

Here is my next progress pic of the HAED BB's SK SAL, Mermaid of the Deep. I was very happy to see this morning, in the natural light, that you can actually see the difference between 310 and the ultra very dark navy blue!
Before and after:

Wishing everyone a happy, stitchy week!


Dancing With Pussycats said...

Hey Sabine! How nice this looks against the lilac fabric. Lovely.

It's me...Dancing w/Pussycats, your blog buddy. I emailed you an update of my own HAED pn Monday for posting to the blog, but the email is failing. How should I get my update to you?

Bellatrix said...

Great progress Sabine! Can't wate to see mermaids face!

Sabine S. said...

Hi Dancing with Pussycats!

Are you sure you don't have me confused with someone else? Maybe it's me that's confused? If you can't contact your buddy, of course I will post for you. The only e-mail I have is

Keep trying, I don't know what's wrong?!

Claire said...

I love seeing the face develop.... soon she will be showing her personality :)

Terri said...

Looks great. I cannot wait to see more.