Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yoyo's June Storykeep

Atlantis Storykeep
I've just looked through all the posts for this month. My goodness you are all moving along so fast. Some of you are phenominal! You can sure tell I am the slow stitcher in this group! I love to see your progress thank you so much for your sharing and encouragement.

I haven't stitched on my large piece this month at all but I did get some done on the storykeep Thursday.

Atlantis Storykeep
June 24th

(I forgot about posting, sorry.) Here is before and after. I think I got about 200 stitches and I absolutely know that every single hole left behind is filled this time. If there is another hole in there it's going to stay at this point.


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Astrid said...

Every stitch is a stitch, Beautiful done !!!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Any progress is good progress - I haven't been able to touch mine in a long while, it seems, so once I'm done with obligations, I'll start back. So see, your progress is much better than mine! :) And yours looks great.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitching Yoyo!!!
and you are not the slowest stitcher...I!!!


kerbear said...

I sometimes only get in a few stitches every week but at least it's progress and I think you are doing great on this! I love those colors! :) said...

ooohhh no .... you're certainly not the slowest stitcher, I am hahahaha! It looks great and your stitching is beautiful, well done!