Sunday, June 21, 2009

Manhattan Wonderland

My weekly update :)

And I have a weird problem. No matter from what angle I look at it. I do see a line between page one and two. Asked my husband, and he does see that too. I never had that before. Does anyone know how to get rid of that line?

I don't really want to work over 2 pages :(


Joke said...

To disappoint you: I really don't know how to get rid of it. I had the same problem with a major design I stitched before. I keep seeing the lines between some pages, no matter what I did: wash, iron, press and got it framed. I still see the lines.
If you look at my work, I don't ever stitch by pages anymore, I always work over 2, or even more, pages.

Sue in N. Va said...

My lines always came out after a wash, press and then stretch at the framer's. My framer uses the lacing method to mount which, when done properly, pulls everything smooth.

Your piece looks great!!

pethair-xstitcher said...

Pressing it will most likey get it out and when you do press, do it on the reverse side. I would put a town down first, then the piece and cover with a clean dish towel... use steam.
Another method would be to carry over some of your threads to the next page. this is what i do, so instead of cutting off the thread I will keep stitching. Part of the problem lies in the fact that you may have too many bunched threads on the back side so if you continue with them on to the next page there will be a smoother flow to the threads. (hope this makes sense). You do not have to stitch much... 3 stitches should do the trick.

Love the piece you are doing and the sky is wonderful.

Cindy F. said...

I totally understand what Pethair-Xstitcher is saying about the bunched threads underneath and I'm going to watch that...cause you pull threads tighter and closer to the thread the more times you pull threads under each other. I just see your blue threads Gabi, but wonder if you end more threads going across that area if that will help?
Isn't that sky amazing!! Beautiful progress:)

Anita H said...

You are making great progress. Washing and pressing should take out the line. A trick I've read about, put the washed and rolled in a towel wet piece in the freezer. After it's frozen, press, face down on a fluffy towel. The steam the frozen threads give off seems to make the stitches pop and even out.

Gabi said...

Thanks all for the tips. I might go on like I do now until I finished the page. Because then I can remove some of the gridding lines and can wet a small part and iron it. I don't dare to come with an iron on it until the lines are removed. IF I get the line out that way, I keep on doing what I do. Otherwise I take up the other advice and will work partly over to the other page.
Funny thing is, I work exactly like that on 18ct Aida on another WIP and there is no sign of a line. But Aida is a harder material then Lugana.
And if I still have troubles with the already existing line after finishing, I will try the freezer as well.

Joke said...

Good luck Gabi, keep us posted! It really is a great design (I love the small tower in this beautiful coloured sky).

Anonymous said...

The official HAED bulletin board is full of such questions and of all the answers needed.
You'll need to sign in to read this, but here is a solution :

kerbear said...

I had this happpen to me on a different project and although I haven't had a chance to finish that one I had heard that if you washed and iron the line should come out...however, now that I am doing a bigger project I decided to play it safer and go over a little into the next page so as not to get that line.

Marie said...

Hello Gabi !

You are working fast on the sky ! It looks really nice with appeasing colors. It's a real pleasure to see a project growing...
Concerning the line that you see between the two pages, I think that when it will be framed, you will not see it anymore, don't you think ?
But to avoid such lines between pages, I try to stitch a little bit more then the page I'm working on. I overflow the page on purpose, so that all the stitches do not stop on the same place.
I don't know if it helps you... nevertheless, what I wanted to tell you is that your work is a plaesure to look at ! Thank you for this !

I wish you a nice week !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Gabi! I love most of the designs by Jane Wooster Scott.

Wendy said...

Love to see this one grow! I have no clue how to get rid of that line :)