Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wendy's update on 06/11/2009

Hi my friends,

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful progresses. I enjoy watching it.
It stays very busy for me lately and I'm really up to some vacation :) Our oldest son Thibo became 9 years old on Wednesday. So he had a birthdayparty with some friends of school. Sunday we will have our family birthdayparty.
Also next Saturday we will have an open house in our store, so this means some work too, to prepare some things. Also we have translated our webshop in English and will be shipping to everywhere. If you would like to see our store you can take a look at In2hobby

I only did about a 600 stitches on my HAED. This is not that much, but it is something :) Now you can see something more about the palace.
The picture isn't really good, it is difficult to take a better picture. Because in real this looks much better.

So here is my update.



I would love to wish you all a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching fun.



Ingrid said...

Congratulations on the ninth anniversary of Thibo and enjoy the birthday party. You made it a wonderful progress! Also congratulations on the up date of the webshop!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to Thibo! 600 stitches is still a lot of stitches - good work! Good luck on your open house, I hope it is a huge success!

Cindy F. said...

I wish I could be at your open house!
You have some awesome prizes!!

Beautiful stitchy progress:) and I'm so glad Thibo had a nice birthday and party:)