Monday, June 8, 2009

Wendy's progress on 06/04/09

Hi my friends,

I've had a very busy week last week. But I keep watching your progress and I love them all. You guys are doing such a wonderful job. It is so much fun to see eachothers designs grow.

I did some stitching on my HAED, but not that much as I'm used to. So here is my update for last week SAL. Now you can see a little more of the palace. The picture is not really what it should be.



I really hope I will be able to do some more stitching next week. But I started two other projects last week too. This is not my habit, but for the moment I have 7 WIP's and I hope they won't become UFO's.

Wishing you all a wonderful week with lots of stitching fun.



Mich said...

You're brave that you also worked on something else in the meantime ;-))

I have to make something also, as a present that I need to give in 2 weeks, and I can't bring myself to start on it, as I only want to stitch on my HAED !!!

Caroline said...

Beautiful Wendy!

Marie said...

Oh Wendy, it's becoming so beautiful !! The landscape takes shape and, as you already know it, I love to see your progress ! I feel like falling in the picture everytime I look at it, it is really enchanting !

I'm really looking forward to see more Wendy !

Have a nice week !

(I'm sorry but can I ask you what UFO's means ?!)

Cindy F. said...

Ha! Wendy! You sound like me with your 7 wips!!'ll finish them all;)
I think you made beautiful progress girl!

Shari said...

looks great Wendy!!!!
You are making wonderful progress!!!
Hey, you are still less WIP's than me!!!!! I hate having this many!

Gabi said...

Your progress looks GREAT. Loving it.

Marie: UFO means Un-finished object
that's what the Wip's get called when they are getting in the never (or not likely) to be finished

Ingrid said...

WOW what a great progress again .... it's really beautiful! It's so nice to see it grow!

Yvonne said...

Despite your busy schedule, still you've done a lot on your current wip. Extremely neat and lovely. I have 1 wip beside my current HAED and it is not easy for me to handle 2 wips at the same time.