Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Members!!!

As you all know, Wendy and I do periodic checks on our member's list. If we have people join and they never post or go months without a word from them, we send them an email asking if they want to remain members. We do this because we have a waiting list and to be fair to those waiting. We sadly lost one member due to medical reasons and 2 others, we just didn't hear from. So, we have invitations out to 3 new members!! We're so excited to see more beautiful stitchiness:)

You know I've been telling you about problems Blogger has been having with IE (Internet Explorer)? Well, it hadn't gotten so bad on my computer that I couldn't open most blogs. So, this past weekend, Mr. Right switched me over to Mozilla Firefox and I'm happy again....lol!! and it's free! I don't dread trying to read blogs anymore!! WooHoo!!!

I have stitched on St. Nick the last 2 SAL's, but it's of a wall which is pretty boring;) I will post progress pics after our next one though. I keep hoping Diane will trade with me! Her's is gorgeous!!!

Wendy and I thank you, dear friends, for making this blog so wonderful! Your talents are priceless:) and we appreciate the time you take to post all your stitchy goodness! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Cindy F. and Wendy


val said...

welcome to your new members
i forgot to ask you if your waiting list is long?
thanks of lot


Beck said...

You all are the reason I'm excited about stitching again! Thank you so much - looking forward this week to posting my first ever progress pic!