Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's me and the wizard again!

It has taken a long time before you heard from me again, but it had several causes. I was really tired, due to my pregnancy (which is going really well!!) and the final examinations stress (for a teacher this is mainly review the work of my own students and then a second review for the work of a colleague). Furthermore I couldn't use my camera, because the battery was empty and I coudn't find the recharger. But taking no photographs and not blogging leaves more time for stitching, so I will show you the results!

Ooops, indeed. I started another HAED again, this one is really beautiful. But they all are... This is Impossible love by Selena Fenech. I like to stitch on this piece because it's about the opposite of The wizard of Oz. That are a lot of confettistitches and here there are more stitches of the same colour. The combination is fun, but my main focus pieces remains the Wizard of Oz.

And here I present my Wizard of Oz. Not a wizard in sight yet, of course, but still it becomes really beautiful. I'm a few rows further already, this photo is taken on 31st May, but it has taken me some time to place it.It speaks for itself, I guess.

I enjoy stiching so very much and reading and stitching along with this blog only makes it better. I enjoy your company very much!


Yvonne said...

At which stage is your pregnancy now? I remember those days of pregnancy I went through.

Impossible love is really amazing and I look forward to see the progress of this one. Wizard of Oz's colours are extremely lovely.

Cindy F. said...

This will be the 2nd baby born during the HAED SAL blog's existence:) I'm so excited for you:) You've made beautiful progress on both of these! Take your time, we understand if some weeks you don't feel like it.

Sjoukje said...

Hi Yvonne,
I'm in the 24th week of my pregnancy, so the sickness is gone and I'm not really big yet. When I was pregnant with my son Quintijn (almost 2 years old) I had troubles with my pelvis, but that isn't that bad this time either. So I'm happy and stitching!

And Cindy, so far the baby is still in my belly, I will have a lot of time for stitching because it's my favorite way of relaxing. When the baby is born (beginning of October probably) it will be busy, very busy....


Gabi said...

Great progress on both WIP's. And both look lovely. Hope that you feel less tired and enjoy your pregnancy. How far are you now in your pregnancy?

Wendy said...

Those are really some lovely progresses! I love them both.

Hope you enjoy your pregnancy.