Tuesday, June 2, 2009

St. Nick Update

I didn't get to stitch until Friday night and it seems like I'm always behind on posting! Not a good example, am I?



I added a little over 700 stitches. You guys are blowing me out of the water!!...lol...I'm still enjoying this piece, even though it's 99.99% confetti...lol...just kidding:)

Cindy F.


Gabi said...

It looks fantastic Cindy. All that confetti might be slowing you down quite a bit, but it's so worth the effort

Patchesmany said...


Maxine said...

Fantastic progress Cindy, you're doing a great job sticking with it through all that confetti stitching but isn't it great when you step back and see it properly :)

Wendy said...

That is a wonderful progress Cindy!! It is coming along so nicely.

I'm always behind on posting too ;)

Ingrid said...

it looks really beautiful Cindy and 700 stitches with all the confetti's WOW ... well done girl

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful Cindy!