Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Over One

I practiced yesterday stitching one over one on 25 count Lugana (using one strand of floss). I have to use a magnifier (it attaches to my glasses) to see the holes. I also tried stitching on 18 count fabric (using two strands of floss) and I found that to be a tad easier. I am wondering if anyone has tried stitching on the pre-gridded 22 count fabric (came across this fabric while browsing cross stitch sites). Any suggestions on stitching one over one and cross stitch fabrics would be greatly apprectiated. Thank you in advance!!


Elfie said...

Nita, Jolly Old Fellow is my first HAED project, and I went through the same issues you are now facing. I decided on 22 count and started stitching full crosses with one stand, but soon decided that didn't give me the coverage I was after, so I continued with that on the background and swapped to continental stitch with 2 strands for the main figure. I am very pleased with the way that looks. I've never seen pre-gridded fabric, but it sounds great - I'd probably try it, if it's easy to remove the gridding after or during stitching. I found gridding the fabric helped a lot.

Gabi said...
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Gabi said...

My personal choice is 25 ct Lugana. Because the fabric is so much nicer to work with then Aida. But that's just me. And everyone has to try out for themselves what they like.
If you have trouble stitching over one, then there are tricks how to do so. I made some pictures for a fellow stitcher some while ago to show the change of direction to prevent slipping.
But if you don't like 25 count because it seems too small, then by all means switch over to a fabric that you do like. HAED's will look great on a bigger fabric too, and it will take a LONG time to finish it. You might want to make sure that you'll enjoy it and choose a fabric you like to work on.

I stitch a HAED like project with 2 strands on 18ct Aida. The coverage is fine. And I know there are more people here using that.

I didn't use the pregridded, but a fellow stitcher from my yahoo group did, and it she could see the gridded lines through the lighter colors. She stopped it and is going to restart it with a different fabric. A friend of mine is stitching on 22 count Aida with 2 strands and is happy with that.

Elfie: You can't remove the pregridded lines. It's woven in every 20th thread in both direction.

Val said...

there isn't no tip to stitch one over one. To begin your project, take a fabric that you like, this is a long project, you must think this. I stitch one over one in using the "continental stitch method". To try one over one, you coud try in stitching a small piece



kerbear said...

I tried the 22ct pregridded and I hated it but I had never used evenweave before and I quickly discovered that I would much rather use 18ct Aida instead. I really like having good coverage and after toying around with a few different projects, I discovered that I really like using 3 strands over 1 and it gives me the coverage I really like!

Marie said...

Hello Nita !
Concerning me, I'm using Dublin Linen with two strands of floss, and I feel very comfortable with it.
I'm sure you will find what is better for your work... I'll be thinking of you for your first stitches... !

Have a nice week !

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your advice! I won't be trying the pre-gridded fabric. I will start with 25 count Lugana because I really do like the feel of it. If I find that it just won't work for me, then I will re-start with 18 count Aida.

Cindy F. said...

Thank you all for the helpful comments! I was curious about the pre-gridded fabric too!

I'm stitching 25tct. dublin linen, 1 over 1. Next HAED I may try evenweave or 18ct. aida.