Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm In Trouble!

Ok. .now I'm in big trouble! I can't add hours to the day to fit in more stitching time, and I get the newsletter from Michele, with new artists listed.

And the first one that I click on is Marjorie Sarnat, and her KleoKats. We have a whole herd of furry babies, and I love stitching them too, both the realistic and fanciful. .and some of these are now must haves. I don't know whether to be happy or frustrated! lol

And anyone who loves detailed Santas, Dragons & Merlin, is going to love Miles Pinkney. Go take a peek!

And I know that I'm going to have to stitch a N.A. piece for my hubs. .Michele Zarb is extraordinary!

Didn't I read where Diane is thought to have a machine that stitches faster? Methinks I need to either borrow it, or find one of my own! lol

I hope that everyone is staying cool, and has a beautiful evening!


Cindy F. said...

More pretties!! OK Miss Enabler!!

Hey, it's 108 degrees here:)

kerbear said...

Looks like the first of the Kleokats has been charted! I'm in trouble when they start charting Marta Dahlia. I really love the deadly sins series she has!