Monday, June 29, 2009

QS Alisha & Moon Fantasy SK

Sorry I've not posted since the end of last month. Things here are just so chaotic and stitching time is very limited. I'm not able to stitch everyday or even every few days some weeks, and my own blog is suffering from a lack of updates. I understand that this blog is intended for everyone to post each week with their updates but I'm finding it impossible to manage that, so if Cindy & Wendy feel that my place on the blog would be better taken by someone who can post more regularly then I totally understand, although I would love to stay if that's ok.
Anyway, I do have a couple of updates. I've mainly been working on my Alisha QS for the last few weeks, not done a lot compared to some of you speedy stitchers, but I'm really happy with how she's looking and I've loving stitching with these gorgeous colours.

I also made a start on the freebie Storykeep SAL on the HAED BB when that began earlier in the month. As you can see I only managed a tiny amount, but it's a start.
I love coming on here and seeing all the gorgeous updates. I do feel sad sometimes that I'm not as quick a stitcher as some and don't make as much progress, but I keep telling myself it's my hobby and I just need to slow down and enjoy the process.


Cindy F. said...

Lisa, you stitch at the pace you enjoy:) QS Alisha is progressing beautifully and you've made a great new start on Storykeep SAL!!

Post when you can, but no pressure. If you go months and we don't hear a word, we will write you out of concern to make sure you are ok:)

We do have 14 people waiting to join us and as long as you are able to post occassionally, we will not ask you to give up your spot:) (((HUGS)))

kerbear said...

Lisa - I really like your QS Alisha! The colors are so vibrant!

I understand how you feel about being sad that you don't get to stitch as much. I certainly have that happen to me a lot and sometimes I am lucky if I get in even 100 stitches in one week. You just do what you can and enjoy it! Can't wait to see more! :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Your QS Alisha is very pretty - I love the colors. Great start on your Storykeep SAL.

Maureen said...

Love the colours on QS Alisha - looking forward to seeing your progress.

I'm with you on the whole lack of stitching time, sometimes life just gets in the way but hey everything will get there eventually. I don't get to post too often either but plan to get some done after my hols..

Ingrid said...

Lisa it looks really great, you did great job and we all want to stitch something more than we have time quite normal!(lol)

Joke said...

Alisha is beautiful, I can imagine you like to stitch on her. It's like my Call of the Raven, lots of vivid colors!

Wendy said...

Wonderful! Love the colors on this one!!