Thursday, July 21, 2011

Threads for new HAED designs

I just purchased all the threads ($80 worth) needed to stitch "Queen of Hearts" and "Peacock and Doves". Herschners was having a great sale on DMC. Does anyone know where you can purchase DMC thread by the box!! I think each box contains 24 skeins of the same color.

Now I just need to find some Ecru 20ct fabric. I like 20ct, one thread covers well and it' so much easier to see with these old eyes. I know it makes the finished piece larger, but that alright with me.

My Dragon Stocking is still languishing since I haven't been able to get a new lamp yet. But hopefully I'll be able to find one this weekend.

Keep an eye out for updates on all three designs!

Everyone's stitching is just gorgeous!! I'm in awe!

Happy Stitchin'!!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly S. said...


grannie said...

Hi Kelly *waves* good to see you :-)

Kelly S. said...

Hi threadbear!! And to the poster that said to check with 123Stitch, I did and they won't sell by the box. You have to order it by the skein. So I'm still looking, but thanks for the help.

Kelly S. said...

My threads should be here today!!!!! Can't wait to dig into that box!