Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Magally's Green Dragonling Update

Hello everybody !

I finished one more page on my Green Dragonling.
I'm quite proud to announce that my Dragonling now has two eyes ! Stitching the eye took me quite a long time because of all the confetti stitches but I made it !
I've made 19 327 croix so far. I'm going to start the next page on the right. 2 more pages to go before finishing the 1st row !

What do you think ? Do you like how she's coming along ?



sharine said...

She's so cute very nice stitching

Unknown said...

Those eyes are beautiful!

Ali O'Donnell said...

Those eyes are amazing! Beautiful stitching.

Amanda J. said...

Those eyes are beautiful and that dragon looks like it could fit in a purse! That is so darling and cute!

grannie said...

Love this one! JBG does great eyes!