Thursday, July 21, 2011

Buddy Elva from Malaysia

nice to meet u all, i from malaysia.
sorry about my broken english,because i always speak,write,read in manderin~~

this is my first HAED cross stitch. start on 18/04/2010 finish on 18/07/2011
i do this stitch by using DMC Evenweave 25 ct,1 over 1 full cross,1 strand floss~~

actually i hv a question....i try to stitch using 2 strand on Evenweave 25ct ,but is too squeeze,so i change to 1 strand floss~~is it 2 strand is just suitable for linen fabric?

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mcewan07 said...

it looks stunning, you did a great job.
I only work with 1 strand on 25 count fabric.I think it depends on how tight you stitch, and your own cover preferences , as to wither you stitch with 1 or 2 strands.

mdgtjulie said...

Your finish is gorgeous. I love that chart now!!! As for stitching with two strands, I use two strands over one on twenty eight count, but I'm doing tent stitch, which looks exactly like half stitches. If the count is bigger, eighteen count for example, I use two strands for better coverage. And I think your English is pretty good. I understood everything you said! Welcome to the blog!!

Amanda J. said...

Welcome! I hope you will have fun. You have good English and beautiful work.

EvalinaMaria said...

You did an awesome job on this piece! I also stitch with 1 strand of floss on 25ct but lately I found that it is much esier for me to stitch on 22ct and for this type of fabric I'm using 2 threads. What will be your next project?

Mrs Macaw said...

It's wonderful! I use 1 strand of floss on 25 ct, too.

grannie said...

Beautiful finish Elva :-)

My cross stitch project said...

thanks for every one,i start my new project ready,later i will post my new photo~~