Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Way for Buddies to Post

Thanks to Marianela for telling me how to do this.  I am sending this post from my email account.  We have set up an email address where Buddies can send their posts, pictures and all, and it will Publish the emails as Posts immediately.
So Buddies don't have to email their info to a member and wait to have their posts published.  By sending your posts to this email address, they will automatically publish to the blog.  (how great is that!?)  But the email address is secure so I won't post it here.  Buddies start checking your mail as I will be sending out this super secret email address shortly.
Happy Stitching!


Marianela said...

To keept the blog as pretty as now, everybody should write with the same type, colour and size of letter

Unknown said...

That's good to know and makes life easier everyone.... also kinda makes me sad as I liked interacting with my buddies :(