Friday, July 22, 2011

Coluring In! A page Finish!

I have been of on Holiday for the last week! The weather has not been nice so I have been Coluring in!

QS "Sweet Selina"
QS "Sweet Selina" July 11
The Hair is a Nightmare but I will get there! I also have a Page Finish on "Lust"

"Lust" Page 9 July 11
Although I did have to rip out about 600 stitches at the beginning, she was going to be lopsided if I didnt!

Both are Stitched on 18 cnt 2 over 1 with DMC!

Everyones Work Looks Great as Always!


Shelleen said...

I thought it was a black and white chart but this is fun watching you stitch in the colors. Congrats on a page finish on Lust.

Amanda J. said...

I can't imagine doing so much black. The coloring will be so vivid though. I guess it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. So many reds in LUST.

mdgtjulie said...

Both are looking fabulous. I love Lust, and am planning to start her at some point during my rotation too. I have to kit her up first though!!! You've gotten a lot done on Selina too. Grats on the progress!!

Mrs Macaw said...

Look beautiful!

Ali O'Donnell said...

Both are gorgeous! So glad I bought Lust now =D

Unknown said...

Oh LUST is beautiful. Wish I could get some of the series :)

grannie said...

I LOVE the Hannah! I have this one in my stash and she is being very patient lol. So effective doing the black first! Lust is looking awesome too :-)

Magally said...

Both look terrific ! I love the Hannah Lynn and can't wait to see more colour to it !