Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mad Tea Party Update by Mel

Since putting down Dragon Knot 2 (just for the time being) I've been working on the 2nd page of Mad Tea Party.  Typically I do my HAED projects 1 over 1.  This project though I've been doing 2 over 1.  I am loving the look!  It has a tapestry look and feel to it!  At first it was difficult but then I got the "correct" needle size, size 28, and it has been smooth sailing!  I am loving seeing this picture unfold!


Ewa said...

It looks lovely! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I started a project 2x1 on 25 count with a 28 needle and I just HATED stitching it. But you're right, it looks really great - and your project shows! Can't wait to see more!

Marie said...

You are right Mel, your work looks like a beautiful tapestry, and I love to see your picture too !
I can see all the confetti in the shutter and the kreinik in the curtain... So detailed, so wonderful, well... so perfect !

Very good job, keep it !

Sara said...

It's gorgeous :)

http://ingridsknitting.blogspot.be/ said...

i love it , very nice details
also beautiful stitching !

Ali O'Donnell said...

Wow it's looking amazing!

grannie said...

Absolutely stunning - those details are amazing!