Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Witching Hour Progress!

First, my thanks to Sabine who posted progress pics for me as my blog buddy. Thanks so much, Sabine!

Thanks, too, to Louanne for all the work she's been doing cleaning up the site. It looks great and your labor is much appreciated.

Also, while I may not have been posting progress pics, I have been watching the blog. I'm sorry I haven't commented on your work, but it has been truly beautiful.

And, after too many months, I'm stitching again! Here is progress on Witching Hour. I'm well over half way through my first page. Because this design is so predominantly dark, progress is perceptible only by the amount of material covered. I'm enjoying this greatly, but pondering starting a second HAED so I can do something with color. Then maybe I can see shapes emerging on the material. Hmmmm...

In case you can't tell, the progress pic is the one with the needle minder.
There will be more coming in October. I promise!



Sabine S. said...

You're very welcome and I'm happy to see your update again! Now is the perfect time to stitch this pattern!!!! But new starts are fun too and of course your logic is flawless! ;-)

Ingrid said...

Glad your here en you made a nice progress !!I look forward to see more!

Terri said...

Great progress. Keep it up cannot wait to see more