Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi laidy's ,
I have a new pattern and I even started because I think it is wonderful!
It calls "The Toy Box" and was written by Dona Gelsinger! I stitch on 18 ct Aida, DMC, and with two wires!
I am now at 7 Heaven and Earth designs to work and I love them all! i currently stitch ...... snow white, a long winters nap, Fall Fairy, motherly love, a Life's Little tangles, Touched by magic, and now The Toy Box!But if anyone knows a way or trick to get along well stitching ....... I'm all ears;) because I'm a pretty slow and I have so many wonderful HAED patterns that I would make, so .... please tell me
your secret how you go quickest;)!

HUGS Ingrid


Valérie(french) said...

I love this pattern too.It's one of my projects .. when I have time!

kruissteekje said...

That's one of my favourites too.But when ????

Shari said...

this is one of many I love as well! I am working on the Little Drummer Boy, but am ready to start another HAED. It will be one of the House Mouse ones!!!
No secrets from me on quick stitching....just remember......each XXXXX completed, is one less that you have to do!!!!

Joanne said...

I haven't seen this one yet but it is lovely.

MarchAnn said...

Some great projects but what do you mean by 2 wires, does that mean 2 strands of floss????? said...

Yes Ann thats what i mean 2 strands of floss ;) !