Friday, September 3, 2010

Train of dreams

After a laptopdebacel (chrash) I'm back online. It was scary. Fortunately I had good backups. I have done much to the Train of Dreams. I am working on the third page since the last update. I really like all these colors. Now on this side the tail of the dragon's is coming. I am looking forward to it. Medusa lies beside me, but when I go there again I will not rush back to the train. So she continues to lie here. I also printed the front page of the First Rose Christensen. I think she is so beautiful. But hey, you can not do everything at once.
 All Iwould like to. Also in my mind is still the Tower at Stoney Wood.
 sigh, I'm just not enough hours per day.


Louanne said...

Oh Astrid, I am so in awe of you! You are one of my stitching heros. So fast! That little sleeping dragon in the train car is just so adorable. As usual, your stitching is fabulous!

Jan said...

I love this train. As to not being able to do everything, when one stitches as fast as you, you can do everything at once! LOL!

Joanne said...

Such quick work, wish I could stitch this fast. Looking good, I like the Spangler charts I've had some jigsaws of his for years and love the detail in them.

Sjoukje said...

I really love it! I'm thinking about picking up mine again, but there's so much else as well... Keep up the good work!!!

jdnrob said...

Everytime I see this pattern, I want to purchase it immediately. How big is the finished design? I just love all the bright colors. You are doing a great job...keep going.

Joan Robertson

Nita said...

Astrid, I love this, it is beautiful!