Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am New and Thank You!

Hi there
  So happy to be on the group!  Thank you so much for excepting me : )  I will be stitching Lavender Moon by Jessica Galbreth. This is my first Haed so it will be a slow process!  I want to say all of you have great progress and such beautiful stitching as I look through the blog.


Sabine S. said...

Hi and welcome to the blog and to the world of HAED! They are truly a labor of love. Surely you picked a pattern you love, now kit it up and start stitching! I am a very slow and careful stitcher and I never make the progress many of the ladies here do, but I enjoy myself and so will you. Can't wait to see your first pic!!!!

Astrid said...

Everyone working at their own pace. Love to see youres !! welcome

MommaInStitches said...

Thanks so much! I am wanting to start but wondering on fabric. Calls for 25 ct white. Do all of you use this? Can you get a beige instead? Seeing how this pattern is stitched totally?

Terri said...

Welcome to the blog you will love it here