Thursday, September 30, 2010

QS Red Witch (September update)

I am thoroughly enjoying stitching my Red Witch especially as I have already seen the full version finished on this blog. I just love the colours and know it's going to look fabulous. As there is little to show on a weekly basis due to the amount of confetti stitches I have decided to post my progress every month so here are my before and after pics for September.

August update

September update

Sheila (UK)


Lisa said...

Looking great!

Sabine S. said...

Colors like the falling leaves now! Very pretty!

Ingrid said...

WOW.... Nice progress ,it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is going well.

Red Witch was my first purchase from HAED. I have 85% completed and I still enjoy stitching her.

Look forward to your next update.

Dancing With Pussycats said...

Lot's of confetti, huh? Well, then, you're making really good progress. It looks wonderful.

MarchAnn58 said...

Great stitching, and I am sure a lot of confetti and it takes time but looks great.

Terri said...

Looks great :)