Saturday, September 18, 2010

Old buddy, new member :)

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to thank Carolyn NC for being my buddy and posting my updates for so long! :) Now I won't have to bother her with that any longer. :)

I've started page six of Unicorn Dream, currently I'm working on the unicorn's tail.

And I've finished Gaudí's sixth page last week. I haven't been working on it this week because of my special "warming up for season 4 of Chuck"-plan (those who visit my blog know what I'm talking about ;)), but I'm going to return to it on Tuesday, and continue with the colorful page 25. No more blues for a while! :)


Unknown said...

Hello I want to say that I love the results you have made.
They are realy addorable.
C an any one help me to be a member of this blog. I don't know how.
Love Jolanda From Holland

Sabine S. said...

You've come a long way too, especially with all that blue! I really like Unicorn!

Astrid said...

Beautifull work ans welcome as a member

Carolyn NC said...

Glad to see you on here, Maria! It was a pleasure to post your updates - your stitching is wonderful. :)

Joanne said...

The more I see of Gaudi I'm getting more tempted to buy it, but it'll have to wait until I'm at least half way through the Wizard of Oz and by then it'll probably be discontinued!

Marihun said...

Carolyn, thanks a lot once again! And I hope to see your HAED soon too!

Joanne, take my advice, don't wait, and buy Gaudí! I just love working on it, even if the blues are a little too much sometimes, but seeing the rest of the colors slowly come up is really great! I can't wait to get to the house!

Terri said...

Great Stitching :)