Monday, March 2, 2009

Yoyo says Hello

Hello fellow stitchers. I'm Yoyo, I have a real name but have been called Yoyo for more than 50 years, so that will do fine. I am almost embarrassed to enter this blog with my little tiny Storykeep. But I have been working on this for a very long time and I feel like I'm getting no where. In the past I've done several Teresa Wentzler pieces so when I purchased my first HAED's I just figured they'd be like the TWs...but for me that just isn't the case. I will admit though, that I'm much older now and do have a lot more trouble with my eyes than when I was stitching Peacock Tapestry.

I'm working on my first HAED, Atlantis Storykeep, artwork by Selena Fenech, and have two more Storykeeps and Cindy F.'s Santa in his Study in my stash...which up until this blog came along I had almost decided would never see the light of day. But hopefully, forcing me to publish continuing progress may change my mind on that score. You'll notice in my photos that I have gridded my fabric. I actually had stitched about 65 rows before I decided to do that. If any of you are older like me, I will highly recommend that you take the time to do it before you start. I had several visits from the ubiquitous frog before I did that. Gridding the fabric made a huge difference for me, I have not misplaced one stitch that I know of since I did this and I really seem to be moving along a lot faster (read with a lot less frustration!!) than before. So, here is my first photo. I don't count stitches or hours, but I can say I'm about 45% done because of the number of rows in the project. I'm eagerly looking forward to watching all your projects. I have already learned that I should have done this with only one strand of floss (it's DMC 2 over 1 on 25 ct linen) and I'm sure I'll pick up more tips along the way. Thank you all for sharing your projects, I really enjoyed reading all the previous posts.

Happy Stitching,

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Mich said...

Beautiful work also, and what a good idea with the gridlines !! I'm at that age now that I feel that my eyes need some more time to switch between my handwork and watching up to see tv, so I must remember this tip also, when my eyes go backwards some more.

Great to see that you have more HAEDs in your cabinet, I promise that we will be cheering ;-))

Cindy F. said...

Yoyo! It's gorgeous! You have so much already stitched:) Thank you for the gridding advice. I have been wanting to try that as well, and may still end up doing it.
I started off stitching 2 over 1 on my linen, but it was too I went back to 1 over 1.
But my next one will be on evenweave or aida since you can't see it anyway! My Dublin linen is just too soft handed and the floss gets lost constantly, so it takes me longer to stitch! I appreciate any and all advice:)

Caroline said...

Lovely design - glad to be stitching along with you!

Wendy said...

Great design! Might think of griding mine too!

Suzie said...

Yoyo, you have made quit a bit of progress on your storykeep, and I'm loving the image!

Thank you so much for sharing it, and I'm so happy to see another gridder in the group! lol

Carolyn NC said...

Very pretty!

Terri said...

Looks great so far. I love it