Friday, March 27, 2009

Wendy's progress on 3/26/09

Hi my stitching friends,

First of all I would like to say what a wonderful designs you are all stitching. I too enjoy watching this blog. I feel the same way about stitching as Marie wrote it so wonderful. Yesterday I was enjoying my stitching and you guys were all in my thoughts.

So here is my progress of this week. I did a total of 800 stitches this week.



As I promised I also dare to show my back. Even I know it is a big mess. But for me the front is the most important thing :)

Now we will have a relaxing weekend, it is going to be cloudy and rainy here. So I'm planning to stitch on my HAED all weekend. I really want to finish my first page (still 2 rows to do) and start my second page. I have to admit I'm getting addicted to my HAED, so I gave up on my rotation. It is so wonderful to see the designs grow.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Sending you Belgian size hugs,


stitchinfiend said...

You did quite a bit this week and I am about to show my backside too. Your stitching is looking great.

Gabi said...

Nice progress. And your right, it's fun to see these designs grow

INGRID said...

wauw Wendy , super progress and your back is still better than mine, but as you say it's the front that counts

Yoyo said...

Lots of progress there Wendy!! You are so brave, I'm not even going to comment on back sides, because she who comments will eventually be forced to show her own and no way that's happening, mine is, plainly stated, "a disaster"!!

Valerie L. said...

I can see a cloud on your picture Wendy!! And don't worry, your back is like mine, I will show it on my next post.

Carla said...

You've made great progress this week :) !!

Marie said...

Hello Wendy !

I always have the same pleasure to come and see your progress ! It's a relief for me to see the back of your work !! Because I have the same mess....!! But as you wrote it, the front is the most important and that's why I do it the more neat I can...just as you. Believe me, your work is perfect, and week after week, the picture takes shape.
I look forward to see the next uptade !! But, I know, step by step... this is just to tell you that I really enjoy to see your work !
Happy stitching Wendy !

Yvonne said...

You've did a lot on this one! I've never shown any of my works' backsides to anyone before but this blog is so enabling and fun that I don't have the problem posting the back of my Sleeping Beauty. Honestly, I was holding my breath when I post the back of my HAED to show you guys.

I think you are such a good sport as you post your back too. Same like you, front is the more important to me. Nothing else matters. If I have to work nicely on my back and front at the same time, it will take me forever to finish a project.


Mich said...

Hahaha, why am I not surprised that you gave up your rotation? I gave up all other work hihi !!! When I come home I just want to stitch and nothing else.

Great progress, it's always fun to finish the first page.

And I find that you have a very beautiful back also, so neath.

Carolyn NC said...

Great progress!

Cindy F. said...

Wow!! You're really moving so fast on this!! Good job Wendy! and your back is NOT messy! should see mine!! I didn't stitch a bit on mine last week because I had so much to do before the retreat. But I will this week;)
AND...I didn't follow my rotation either,,,I like stitching what I'm in the mood for too:)