Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm making a rule....well it's just for me, but you should know about it so you don't think I missed you. There are over 30 new posts today when I logged in that I have not commented on. So, I started going backwards from the front and eventually noticed a few of you have updated twice or more since my last checkin. I have mentioned before that I have to limit my computer time due to my eyes and screen glare. So, here is my rule. When I visit the blog, I start at the most recent post, and I do try to comment on everybody's work. But if you have posted more than once since I was last here, I'm not going to comment on your older post. That won't save me much computer time but it will save some. I love all the posts and I do look at each and every one. You ladies (and gentlemen if we have any) are just awesome stitchers! I am sooooooooo inspired by seeing all your progress and very much enjoy your helpful hints and tidbits of personal info as well. But us older people have to take care that we can still see to stitch after we shut down the computer. Happy Stitching Everybody.


Cindy F. said...

Yoyo! You're so funny!
...and you're not old! You'd better come up with a better excuse for your "new rule"!!

Yoyo said...

Actually it is my eyes, one of my many diseases causes extremely dry eye syndrome and I have it really really bad. 20 mins is about max computer time for me. Which really bites since I'm supposed to be managing several websites and building another one. I get double vision and then can't do anything that requires 'seeing' anything for like half an hour after I let myself sit too long at the computer.

Yvonne said...

It is almost impossible for me to comment to every post too as the blog is moving really fast. I am also trying my best to post a comment to every post whenever I log in.


Sjoukje said...

I think it's impossible to comment to every post. And there are only few people who do so, otherwise every post would have a comment count of over 80, wouldn't it? I comment whenever I really like something or when I think I have to add something to the previous comments. But on every post? It's impossible, I have a life as well.

KiKi said...

While I enjoy everyone's pictures and updates, I can't possibly stop to comment on each. Only those that truly strike me, like a finish, will I comment on.

Cindy F. said...

Yoyo, I'm so sorry to hear about your eye disease! Good gracious!
You are right not to stay on the computer too long and I'm sure everyone understands perfectly:) We certainly don't want your disease to get worse!

Hugs girl!

Nancy said...

Hey girl! I cannot get here but 2-3 times per week, so there is no way I can post on them all either.