Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wizard of Oz

Oh my, I made a very drastic decission this nigth. I laid awake thinking about my Wizard of Oz and if I really liked it this way. My conclusion was that I didn't. I don't like the fact that the fabric is shimmering through the stitches... I like for instance 'Land of Enchantment' of Wendy, which is by Gustafson as well, far better, so I think I'd better start all over. I tried frogging my stitching, but it's too much. So I will just cut of the piece and use the rest of the fabric for another project. And I went to the store and bought a new piece of 18 count aida and this time I will stitch it with two threads. Of course it's a shame, but I had only done one page and there were 20 more to come. Better do them while I'm satisfield with the whole project, don't you agree?

I start in the opposite corner right now, working from page 1 and then down to page 8. Different colours and it won't feel that much like doing it all over again.


Wendy said...

I would rather buy some new fabric instead of frogging it out.
Thanks for your compliment. I'm using 2 threads on 18 count aida. It is more covering the fabric.

Maybe a suggestion Sjoukje. How about starting in an other corner of your design, maybe on the top left. By this you won't get bored starting all over again your first page.

Wendy said...

OK, Sjoukje, I haven't read it all, you will be starting in another corner :) Good job. I'm looking forward to your start, because I love that design.

Mich said...

Sorry to see that you were not happy with the work that you have done. But you've taken a smart decision, otherwise you will put in many efforts, for something you don't like with all your heart in the end.

Good luck with the re-start !!

Beatrice said...

I think this is a great decision. You will not enjoy stitching it if it isn't up to your liking!!
Have a wonderful restart.
I did that as well last year in a SAL. I didn't like the fabric either.

Becca in MD said...

I know your pain. I started Dark Cherry three times before I stuck with her. I didn't like the coverage the first two times, and didn't realize how I felt till I was about 1/4 through the first page each time.

Enjoy the new pages and run with it! We can't wait to see your progress.

Gabi said...

Sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your Wip. And I think you made a wise choice. Hard - but wise. For a chart that big you need to be happy with it - because it takes quite some while before its finished and you want to have fun stitching it.

Ingrid said...

I think you took the right decision Sjoukje, if you are not happy with your work, it is better to restart, otherwise you go against your sense and it is such a beautiful pattern. I also think that 2 wires on 18 ct aida much better be!

Sabine S. said...

I think you made the right decision, even if it was a hard one. These pieces are labors of love and with such a long process, you should enjoy it and the end result! I bet you'll feel much happier stitching it now.

Sjoukje said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for the cheering up comments! THis afternoon I stitched for two hours when my 20 months old son was sleeping. I changed something more, I started gridding the first page with a special marker and I think it works great! As far as I can see now (with only about 150 stitches on the fabric) I really like the difference. I had my opinion about the tightness wrong, I had seen it with a Dimensions project, but maybe the thread Dimensions uses, is a bit thicker? Anyway, I'm happy now. Again at the beginning, but very happy. I show a picture of my progress next week!

stitchinfiend said...

It is better to toss it now and not after you have stitched a lot more. I did that with one of my first pieces I had started. You will enjoy it much more instead of stressing about it. Look forward to seeing your new pics.

Suzie said...

If you don't like how something is looking, it is better not to continue. The whole tradition of stitching should be relaxing and enjoyable, and when you don't like the results, you eventually won't want to work on it at all. We have too many things in life that we absolutely have to do, no matter how unpleasant it is, why add stitching to the list? lol

Sometimes setting it aside, even for a few hours, a day, or more, can let the emotions attached to the piece, die down so that you can look at it objectively. Then you can figure out what you don't like, and take it from there. Don't like the pattern? Don't like the fabric, the thread coverage?
All of the above? lol

We've all purchased patterns that we liked when we first saw them, and then for one reason or another, once we started stitching them, they lost their allure. Sometimes we get it back, sometimes not, but it still is an experience to learn from, not a failure.

HAED's are so large and intricate, that starting from another point can seem like a whole new project, so you have made wise decisions about this project from the very start!

Well done!!

Cindy F. said...

I agree! You have to follow your heart. If you don't like it while you're stitching it, you probably won't like it when it's finished. I think you did the absolute right thing!!
Hugs Sjoukje!!!