Friday, March 27, 2009


Firstly I finished up the 10hrs on Blue Pearls Mermaid QS. Love the pretty colours in this piece and they way the pearls are starting to twine around her arms. I can't wait to get this into a permanent slot in my rotation. The artwork is by Elaine Cox.

The second one is Day dreaming Fairy. I finished off page 1. Yippee and have finished the first 10 rows. I am dreading next week stitching on her as the next 10 rows are pretty solid blending filament...Yuck but I will bite the bullet and get it out of the road. I love seeing the movement in her hair. It is just so beautiful.

Lastly is Leaf and as I said I would do here is my backside of her.
Last week I stitched down from the eye and the nose is now coming into view. This is stitching up really fast as there are large blocks of colour and it shouldn't take long to finish Page 8. She is such a delight to look at and stitch. And watching her come to life is just magical.


Gabi said...

All of your Wip's are looking great. And you're making great progress on all of them. I have to admit that Leaf is secretly my favorite. She is just adorable. Your backside looks great too. Way neater then mine does.

INGRID said...

I love all your WIP'S and you made a big progress, your backside is not bad, I would say good work!

Yoyo said...

They are all so pretty. You 10 hours really paid off on the mermaid, I haven't seen this one yet so I'm looking forward to seeing her full on. I love Leaf's sultry eyes! All in all, great progress.

Wendy said...

All you're 3 WIP's looks gorgeous! You did a lot of stitching on them all!
Wow! And the back of your design looks so nice.

Valerie L. said...

M god, is it your back? I tought it was a reverse picture of your work... I will be shy to show mine :P

Marie said...

Hello !

Your back is incredible !! She's beautiful on the back quite as on the front ! This is amazing !!
She looks really pretty and it is a enchantment to look at her eyes ! Still hypnotizing !
I can't wait to see her nose and soon her mouth !
I hope you a happy next stitching week !

Yvonne said...

Lovely wips, especially your Leaf. I was looking forward to see her since Thursday, hoping to get a glimpse of her again. She is amazingly beautiful and never ceased to make me say WOW each time I see her. Your back is really neat. It is not easy to keep a back neat when there are so many colours but you did. Looking forward to see the next update on Leaf again :0))


Carolyn NC said...

WIP's look wonderful - nice back, too. You're right about the movement in the hair - really cool.

Suzie said...

All of your WIP are fantastic! And I can't believe that is the backside1! I thought that you had flipped the image for some reason, and softened it a little for a special effect. It is amazing!!

Thanks so much for sharing your updates!

Cindy F. said...

That's your back???!!! WOW!! I'm so impressed!! You've made beautiful progress on all your wips and I always look forward to your updates:) Good job!