Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi there!

Good morning!

I want to introduce myself. My name is Billie, I am from Stuttgart, Germany. I discovered your Blog yesterday. Since I have also started to stitch one of HAEDs designs, I decided to join.

I am stitching "Presence of Gaia". I have not finished a lot yet. Once I started, I realized how big a project it is going to be. I have stitched large designs in the past as well, but nothing as complex as this one. So I hope you will give me moral support to finish this project of a lifetime.

Here is a link to my blog, where you can see some of my finished projects. I started to post the smaller ones, the ones I can scan. I have to take photos with my digicam of the large ones, but I am not very good at taking pictures. But in the end I will persevere and the pictures will find their way in my blog.


I very much look forward to being a part of this awesome group.

Have a great day.


stitchinfiend said...

Hi Billie and welcome. You have chosen a beautiful chart to start with. THey are well worth the effort because the details are amazing. I have 2 of Wall's charts kitted up but haven't started one as yet. I will look forward to seeing your WIP's.

Melissa33 said...

Hi! I love your pick of charts, the colors are absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see it progress!!

Mich said...

Willkommen Billie, what a beautiful pattern you are making.

Yes, isn't it amazing how big it is. I think I didn't realize in the beginning either, I think I still don't realize ;-))

We will all be chearing you to make sure that you finish it !!

Suzie said...

Welcome Billie!

You have chosen one of my favorite charts to stitch! I have a number of Wall patterns. Her creativity amazes me.

I'm sure that you're going to enjoy stitching this one, and do a beautiful job! I took a peek at your blog, and love the patterns you choose. Your stitching is lovely!

Billie said...

Thank you all so much for the advanced praise. I sure hope I can do it justice. When I started to stitch Gaia, the work ahead struck me like a thunderbolt, but as you all say, the design is just to pretty. And I also love the colors and all the details. I generally love big projects with lots of details and a lot of colors.

I will keep you posted ;-)

INGRID said...

what a beautiful design and beautiful colors , i love it and I am so curious to see grow

Astrid said...

Welcome. this is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it !!!

Wendy said...

Welcome to our blog Billie! What a great design you have chosen to stitch! Can't wait to see this one grow.

Carolyn NC said...

Welcome Billie,
Lovely design you picked! You're in the right place to be encouraged, too!

Becca in MD said...

Welcome! That's a really lovely picture!

I think that the Wall pictures are really great, but I'd have to be loony to pick one up because of the complexity. I'll stitch with the slightly easier ones. :)

(But look forward to seeing more of yours.)

coby said...

Thats a pretty one., I have this one on me first to do list
Sone i hope , first gonna finish my project what i'm now making
Good luck with it !

Greetz coby

Patchesmany said...

I love this chart! Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Billie!! You have chosen an incredible design to stitch and you've already gotten off to a great start:) We can't wait to see this grow!! Have fun and we're glad you're joining us:)

Yoyo said...

I have only just discovered Josephine Wall and I purchase several of her charts the other day. This one is beautiful. We're here for you!! Happy stitching!