Thursday, March 26, 2009

who dares

Today is our day and I am curious as to your progress, but .... I wonder, who dares to show his back, mine is horrible ....tomorrow I will show you the back!!!
(sorry my english will not be correct!)


Yvonne said...

Your English is absolutely correct :0)) I just took a look at my back. I thought and I almost fainted!! Will take a picture later as I am bidding for an item on ebay right now.


Wendy said...

My back is also horrible! I dare to show it when I will show a progress of my HAED :)

Cindy F. said...

Your English is perfect!
Ingrid, I am a big chicken to show my!! Maybe I'll wait to see if anyone else dares to show theirs first;)

stitchinfiend said...

I'll show mine when I update.

Suzie said...

LOl This reminds me of a similar scenario years ago when I was an active outdoor photographer. I belonged to a photo organization in my area, that at the time was mostly men. We had a lot of showings of our photographs with critiques and judging, and some of the new members were often intimidated by the beautiful photographs. I suggested that sometime everyone should bring in some rejects, which even pros have a lot of, so that the newbies could see that no one produces gorgeous photos automatically, all of the time, but do you think that those guys wanted to show their "backsides"? Heck no!! So all of you are SO much braver than a whole bunch of grown men! lol