Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunken Treasure

Hello ladies!

I spent the entire weekend stitching on Sunken Treasure as planned. I put in around 2000 stitches....about 1000 of which were confetti stitches with about 30 color changes. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I'm not sure if I'll keep working on it until Thursday or put it away to work on another project yet. I'd really like to get more progress done on this before the baby comes next week. I'm still holding out hope that he decides to be a little early for me, lol.


Annie Bee said...

You are making really good progress on this. Just love those blues - so soothing to look at.

Suzie said...

Now I know why it has been so windy! You stitched up a whirlwind! lol I can see all of the subtle color changes!
Congratulations on the great progress!!

Wendy said...

Wow, that is a great progress you did! It looks wonderful already!

I'm planning to stitch all weekend too!

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful - congrats on all the impressive work!

Vickie said...

love the all the blue!!! you are making great progress!!

Cindy F. said...

Wow!! That's a lot of stitches in a short amount of time!!

Melissa, is this your first child??
I'm so excited for you! Whenever you get settled back home and have a chance, please post a pic of your baby here for us to oooh and aaah over;)

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a easy delivery and a healthy baby:)

Yoyo said...

You made some terrific progress over the weekend. Sending you love and light for a happy healthy baby. Let us know the details!