Tuesday, March 31, 2009

QS Storykeeper Week 3

Hello everyone!
It's been a challenging stitching week. No matter how hard I tried, my thread was always getting tangled and had tons of unwanted knots! Even though I parked my threads and marked my chart, I seemed to be lost all the time. I found two stitches on my material that were not marked off on the pattern and one stitch marked off but not stitched. Lots of counting and recounting from every direction solved those two problems. Then I went to buy the next 20 skeins of floss, but came home with only 18. I know I had all 20! Of course, the two missing were the ones I wanted to use next. So I went out the next day to buy them and the store didn't have a single skein of either color. Let me just say that each and every stitch was a triumph this week. Here are the before and after pics:
Have a great week everyone!


Carolyn NC said...

Sorry the week has bee so hard stitching. But you made good progress anyway. Hope this next week is better!

Annie Bee said...

This is where I find gridding helps so much in keeping track of where I am. I have now started to even grid non HAED's. I grid as I go along. I start off with a thread which is twice the width the material and grid 10 down and across the page and then back down 10 and across the page. As soon as I get a stitch falling into the bottom 10 grid I take another thread and do the same. That way it is not all consuming to start with. A bit like backstitching as you go.

It is looking great and those blues are so soft.

Gabi said...

Don't you hate it when things all go wrong? I cross fingers that next week will be better then this one. Your stitching looks great.

Wendy said...

So sorry to read that your week has been with lots of trouble. But I'm crossing my fingers that you will have a wonderful week now! Your stitching looks great already.

Unknown said...

We all have weeks like that but you've made good progress despite it. Here's hoping you have a better week this week.

Valerie L. said...

Sorry to hear about all this bad luck!
It can be nothing but better now!

jessneal said...

I am so sorry you have had such a hard time with these! I hope it gets easier the next thime you sit down and stitch on it.

Cindy F. said...

Oh Sabine! I, too, am very sorry things just weren't going right for you.
I learned a trick from the ladies at the LNS....put water in a sponge and pull the threads across it....don't soak them and make sure they are colorfast threads....it takes the curl out and you have less knotting. They also suggest beeswax (just a tiny bit) for specialty floss.
You still made great progress girl and I hope your next stitching time will be more enjoyable:) Hugs!