Friday, March 20, 2009

Prep Time

Well, I did stitch (more like prep) on my HAED Thursday for just a little while. My fabric is fine, but it's really crooked, so that the top left has three inches, but the bottom left has about 2-1/4". I'm really a little surprised with this, but it's ok. I started gridding (who knew it would take so long?) I got tired of doing nothing but that, so quit and started stitching the first little part. I can't believe the difference the gridding makes - so much easier to find where to stitch. After putting some stitches in, I believe that I like 1 strand over 25 more than two, which means I have to remove the stitching I've done. Does the fact that this is black fabric make that much difference - I think it could, so I'm still in the playing stage. I do have a question. How does everyone keep track of what symbol stands for what color on each page? I feel as if I'll have to keep looking for all these symbols on the sheets constantly. Also, when you park with somewhat like colors, how do you remember which is which, assuming you have a lot of different colored threads? I thought about a magnet Loran or something like that and keeping needles threaded with the color labeled and putting the symbol above the color, too.
Everyone's work is so beautiful and is such an encouragement.
Carolyn NC


Wendy said...

Can't wait to see your progress.
I have to keep looking to the symbols too on each page. I can not remember what color belongs to what symbol.
About the parking threads, I finish one square at a time, and I park my threads in the next square where they have to come, but I already do a half cross stitch, so I'm sure that I will keep going with the correct color.

Suzie said...

I'm so happy that you decided to try gridding, Carolyn! Yeah, it can be tedious at times, but you sure make up for it later, when you don't have to do any, or very little frogging!

As for remembering what color goes with what symbol, I have to keep checking too, but I'm told by those who have stitched these intricate patterns before,that you will remember over time, because you are working on it for a longer length of time.

And good idea for making a half stitch when parking! I'm glad that Wendy thought of that! lol

Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

When you park your threads, you place the thread right at the next place where it will be used. You don't need to be able to tell which thread is which. You just have to trust that when you get to that spot, the correct thread is parked there. I would never be able to tell all the blues apart in Santa's List. As for the symbols, I have to keep looking at them also. Just when I think I have learned several of the symbols, I switch projects and they are all different. I put the sheets that have the symbols and thread #s in clear protective sheets and refer to them all the time.

Gabi said...

What a pity, I hoped someone would come up with a solution for the symbols. And right you are with the gridding Carolyn. In my opinion gridding is wel worth the time when working with complicated pattern. It makes it so much easier.
As a newly "part time parker" I always park my threads in the very same way and mark also the chart with a highlighter.

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited to see your progress Carolyn! The way I do symbols is I write down all the symbols that will be in the block or two that I'm stitching at that point in time and write the DMC numbers next to them (on a small 3inx3in piece of paper, and then paper clip it to a part of the pattern that I'm not working on, then all I have to do is glance down and find my colors! I usually just add on to the paper as I stitch and move across the pattern until I get to a place where the colors completely change, then it's time for a new set of symbols and numbers!

Anita H said...

I use LoRan floss cards, or like them, make my own, series of holes punched down both sides of long thin cards, number and symbol are written next to each hole, floss in holes. They are right there at my fingertips. It would drive me crazy to have to shuffle the chart and the floss lists to see what I needed next!

Yoyo said...

Good for you, grid grid grid. What a time saver in the end. I too park my thread with a half stitch completed, leaves very little room for doubt when you come to that thread again. I don't think your fabric being dark should have any affect on your gridding or parking. As for it being crooked, that is completely in the cutting and next time you purchase fabric tell the person to cut on a thread not just zip across the fabric. If the fabric is on the blot crooked it will most often cut crooked. If you are buying on-line...splurge for a couple of extra inches just in case. As for symbols, I just keep shuffling the papers, what the heck, gives me a minute to stretch my fingers and there is no way I would trust myself to try to remember over 90 symbols!

Cindy F. said...

That's why I had to start mine in the!! My fabric wasn't cut square and I was afraid to chance it. Gridding it definetly a great idea though!

Symbols...I'm still shuffling the papers, but thinking about making on a smaller paper and laminating it??? I do love everyone else's suggestions too though:)

Annie Bee said...

Until you have stitched on the piece for a long time you won't remember all the symbols. I have the key beside me as I stitch. I pick out the symbol and then stitch all of them in a 10h x the page across that I am working on. I also grid as I go along. I will usually gird about 40h to start with and across the page. When I get near where the gridding ends I just grid another 20h. This way gridding is not such a chore.