Friday, December 11, 2009

The wiz!

Hi! I've been busy, so I didn't have time for stitching and even less for blogging. Our new kid on the block is doing fine, but he causes quite a lot of work. And Dante thinks I've got enough time to hold him during the evenings, so he wants his portion of time. So I can't stitch even then. Now and then there's a moment both my sons are asleep, so then I can do a few stitches.

Beautiful, isn't it! I've finished 6 pages, of the 21, but it's really a picture already. I really enjoy it, but it's so small and difficult! I wonder when I will ever finish it.
Meanwhile I like a lot of other charts, but I've forbidden myself to start something new, I'm working on a lot already. The end of year is coming and I realise I didn't keep my promises to myself... In the beginning of January I will have an evaluation and adjust my goals!


Mel said...

Wow, this pattern is fantastic and your stitching looks amazing

stitchinfiend said...

I just love the detail in this piece and your stitching is really beautiful

Yvonne said...

Stunning details on this one.

kerbear said...

I agree, this is a great picture already! Sounds like the little one has kept you busy but glad to hear you can get a little stitching time in!! Look forward to more as always :)