Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hi girls, I have a question for Marie and Valerie on the pattern of "a long winter's nap" The colors of the branches over the chimney and the tree is also predominantly black with you to ? The picture was rather green but the patern shows black ! I hope I'm not wrong pattern!


Val said...

Yes Ingrid
there is large zone of 310-3371-938..a lot of black and brown
then your pattern is good

Do you begin this?


Ingrid said...

Thank you very much Valerie, I find it so strange that the christmas tree and branches are black, so now if you even so, there is nothing wrong with my pattern!I just carry on with my 310!
Hugs Ingrid

Marie said...

Hello Ingrid !

I'm sorry but I'm not stitching this design !
I hope that you will find your answer, but I'm sure that it will be wonderful... sometimes we don't understand everything with the colors we are stitching, and suddenly it appears...
Your work will be gorgeous !

Ingrid said...

Sorry Marie I thought you were also busy with this design, I did not pay attention!

Valérie (french) said...

Hello Ingrid
Yes, there is a lot of 310 and 3371.
Don't worry
Have a good day