Monday, December 28, 2009

My first HAED

I thought I'd jump in too :) I haven't posted here in ages - I've been busy with my studies, and when I have had time to stitch I've been working on a non-HAED (which is almost finished, yay!) which you can see the progress on here.

My first HAED was an Angel Virtue which as far as I can tell has been long since retired, Hope. I started her in 2006 while recovering from a nervous breakdown at the grand old age of 18 on 25ct Days Gone By linen...I love the colours on the linen and the chart and will probably stitch her again at some point, but I hate 25ct linen and discovered this rapidly! I was also trying to use terrible needles and two threads which probably didn't help... she's rather pretty, but eventually I discovered 25ct evenweave, which was better, and by the end of that year had migrated to 32ct which is where I think I'll stay. I have quite a few HAED WIPs, though none are calling so it will probably be a while before I pick one up again - I love watching everyone else's though, these charts are magic :)

Here's a picture for you all:


it's a clickable thumbnail, you can have a look at the bigger picture if you like. In reality she's stiff and lumpy and I don't like her much, but she is quite pretty at the smaller size!


Joke said...

It is beautiful! But... are you really telling us you are stitching on 32 ct over one?? That must be challenging!

stitchinfiend said...

It is good when you find out which count works best. I am a 28ct girl.
She looks lovely

Ingrid said...

oooohhh WOW This is really very nice! 32ct But what a challenge!

Beck said...

She is just beautiful! I too am working on a project after some challenges - it is really helping me - and hope it does you too!

Kyriaki said...

Thanks for your comments :)

Joke: yes! I love 32ct, I finished my QS on 32ct in October last year, you can see it here:

I have Dance of the Graces and QS Dark Cherry lurking in my WIP pile...maybe I'll get them back out again soon :)

Joke said...

Wow Kyriaki, I love 32 ct also, but not for stitching over one, only for stitching over two. Your QS looks fabulous!

Sabine S. said...

So glad you jumped in! I truly hope stitching helped you back then, and now still! She is beautiful, but I can see what you mean by stiff and lumpy. They teach us a lot, don't they? About stitching and about coping with life! In your album, the 5th and 6th picture, the blue mandala, what is the name and who is it by? I also like your current Ink Circles!

Kyriaki said...

Thanks Sabine :) Stitching still helps a lot - I went from that nervous breakdown to Chronic Fatigue for two and a half years, so stitching is awesome.

The mandala is Secret Victorian Garden by Chatelaine (the former Mystery X which is what it was when I started it) - I was stiching along when I got sick, and I haven't really touched it since June of that year (I got sick in May). If you go to my webshots album you can see more recent photos of it, and all my stitching for the past three years.

I like the Ink Circles too! It's in the same colours as the model and I like it a lot. It's much more purple in real life.