Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Thursday SAL

Hi my stitching friends,

It just reminds me that it is already thursday again. Even I'm already stitching on my HAED, I just forgot it is already thursday and our SAL today.

On Tuesday I finally started a new HAED "Santa Claus at the North Pole". So I'm in today with this one. I'm glad I started it and enjoy stitching on this one. I have already done 500 stitches, but I will stitch on this one for the rest of the week. On Sunday I will show you my new start.
Probably next week I will stitch again on "Land of Enchantment". I'm planning to stitch one week on one HAED, and the next week I'll go to the other HAED. By doing this I will keep having progresses on both of them :)

Wishing you all a wonderful stitching day, and a very lovely weekend.

This weekend it is Saint Nicolas here in Belgium. This is something totally different then Santa Claus and has nothing to do with Christmas either. It will be a fun weekend for the kids. They have to put their shoe at the fireplace and put in a carrot or apple for the horse of Saint Nicolas. When they will wake up on Sunday, they will receive some nice presents and ofcourse some chocolate :) I have been brave this year as well, won't he bring me some nice stitching stuff :)



Ingrid said...

Wendy gosh, I'm looking forward to see your new start "Santa Claus at the north pole", it's such a beautiful design! I change every week, this week is snow white and the next week to another! Sunday was also St Nicolas than the grandchildren come to visit and see what the saint brought with Grandma and Grandpa, I am going to continue to work on snow white because it's Thursday!
Enjoy the stitch evening !

Sabine S. said...

I'm in with the restart of The Astronomer. I really like the new fabric color.

We celebrate Nicolas Tag in Germany as well, but we leave the shoes outside the front door. Here in Texas you may get a surprise other than chocolate if you do that. My son is too old (and his shoes are too big!)but you're right, maybe he would leave something for me?!

Will be thinking about you all today!!!

Yvonne said...

Yes, i've been stitching this morning but need to finish the whole row before I can post as it will look really weird.

We celebrate Skt Nikolaus here too :0))

stitchinfiend said...

I am hoping to put some stitches in Leaf today. Notice I said hoping.

kerbear said...

I will be stitching tonight too. I haven't been able to stitch much lately with the holiday here last week and family was in town so I'm a bit behind but definitely looking forward to getting back into the hang of things!

Marie said...

Wendy, I wish you a very good start on "Santa and the North Pole" !!!
I look forward to see your first stitches !!