Monday, December 28, 2009

My first HAED

Following up Sabine, who had this great idea :)

My first HAED is started out of a deep, personal pain. For several reasons I ended up with a burnout, followed by a severe depression, due to wrong medication. After sitting on the couch and not being able to do anything for about three months, I started stitching again. Small things at first, kits by Lanarte. I discovered groups, made stitching friends and through them I realized there was a whole world outside! I finally choose my first HAED.
It was October 2006 and I longed for bright colors and pleasure. It seemed at that time all color had disappeared out of my life and so was laughter and joy. So I began stitching Call of the Raven. A circle of colors, vivid and bright!

I still haven't finished her and I am stitching other HAEDs and smaller things in between, but for me this particular one is a symbol for the struggle I had to have a normal life again. To be able to laugh, love and live again!


stitchinfiend said...

Joke what a touching story. Stitching seems to make every day brighter. It is so relaxing. Thank you for sharing your story.

Marie said...

Dear Joke,
I will never see Call of the Raven with the same eyes anymore... Its story is beautiful, and now I can feel a wind of joy when I stare at this circle of colors !
What a wonderful chance to be here, with you...

Hugs !

Sabine S. said...

I'm so happy the bright colors pulled you through so that you are here today with us! Thank you for sharing your story. I feel a turning motion when I look at the circle, and there is a light at the end!