Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Need Moderator Replacement(s) for this Blog....

For months now, Wendy and I have been holding on to this blog. We enjoy our members and truly love to see every one's progress...but....we no longer have the time or commitment we used to have. Wendy has a very busy life with family and businesses and I've got lots going on trying to find a job! We're sorry guys, not trying to bail on you! Our priorities have changed and we hope you'll understand.

We're asking if anyone would like to take over this it the way you want to. It pretty much runs itself, but the main thing is to keep HAED stitchers motivated. Wendy and I would like to stay on as members too. Neither of us will stop stitching our HAED's.

If no one is interested in taking over, we will shut this blog down on 12/31/09. If you are interested, please email me @

We wish for everyone a very safe and happy holiday season!

Cindy F. and Wendy


Yvonne said...

Since the blog started, I've received loads of encouragement from all the wonderful members here. I really enjoyed reading posts and wips posted. It will be a great pity if this blog closes down. However, everyone has priorities and I really appreciate all the hardwork both Cindy and Wendy had put in to make this blog such a huge success and a nice place to come to.

I wish Cindy will find a job soon and Wendy being successful in her business.

Have a great holiday season.


Sabine S. said...

It will be a sad day if it comes to that, but I completely understand as I am in no position to step up and volunteer myself right now. Thank you both for all you've done!!!! The friendships, encouragement and enabling have been great!

Ingrid said...

I understand completely, I stopped myself as the administrator of my forum brings so much work with it but it is so sad! So many beautiful Haed that showed up and it was so nice to see your progress, hopefully someone can take over

Astrid said...

I hope somebody can takeover.... I love it so much. I understand the reason why Wendy and Cindy have no more time..... Thank you both for the time you have put into this blog !!!!

Marleen said...

First of all, I want to thank Wendy and Cindy for the start of this blog and updating it! I will miss it too, but I can't take it over, I have the time... but don't speak enough english...
I really hope someone will take it over!
to everyone pretty hollidays!
Hugs Marleen

Maxine said...

A BIG thank you to Wendy and Cindy for starting this blog, I hope someone can take it over (I can't due to ongoing health problems)it would be such a shame if it had to close but I fully understand why (((hugs))).