Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dragonfly - Selina Fenech

Happy New Years Everyone!  Just thought I would post my progress to last
night (before we went out to see the fireworks) on Dragonfly.  I am holding
off starting her hair until I fill all the gaps in the background.  My goal
for January is to finish Page 1.

Also, I want to thank everyone who posted their reasons for starting HAED's.
They were so inspiring to me personally.

I started HAED's because my good friend, Annette, introduced me to them.
She actually RAK'd my first chart, Merlin and Arthur, and although I have
not done very much on it as the background is very dark in the top left
corner, it is slowly progressing.  I think we will be in the long haul with
this one, but one thing I have learnt is that it is about the process (i.e.
the journey), not the starting and finishing.  Although I must say that I
will have four HAED's started now - QS Dark Cherry, Dragonfly, Merlin and
Arthur and in a few minutes, Mermaid of the Deep SK.

I have purchased one chart, Mending a Broken Heart, with the intent of
adding it into the rotation later this year.  I thought I had a good friend
(I am the sort of person who doesn't let people in easily, but once they
are, they are there for life), but she has destroyed our friendship beyond
repair and I truly am heartbroken by the events that led to this
destruction, so I can truly relate to this piece.  Since the events are not
yet over, I don't feel I can begin working on this chart, as I would like to
use stitching it as a healing process.

Thank you all so much for you inspiring stories and I love all the progress
pictures - in themselves they are inspiring!



Yvonne said...

I love the soft colours. Sorry about your friend who destroyed your relationship. I've been there before too (someone who took from me all the time). It is a great thing that Annette introduced to you HAED :0))

Happy New Year to you.

Sabine S. said...

Dragonfly looks very soft and delicate so far. Can't wait for her to appear. I'm doing Mermaid also for the SK SAL!