Monday, December 28, 2009

Another First HAED!

I love the stories about everyone's first HAED's which reminds me a lot of my first HAED which was Chessie (and still is since he's not even close to being done!). I used to stitch a long time ago after I broke my ankle. It gave me something to do so I wasn't just stuck sitting in bed all day long. I soon discovered that I really loved it, but then I lost my stitching bug for a really long time. It was around September of 2008 that I discovered the best cross stitching forum that I still frequent to this day. They really inspired me to start stitching again and pretty soon I discovered the HAED website. I browsed through nearly every single design before coming across Chessie and he just made me smile because he was so bright and goofy looking. I bought the chart at the end of Septemeber and kept telling myself I would start him except I had never stitched anything that wasn't a kit. I was a bit afraid to buy 25ct fabric so I settled on a 22ct evenweave, bought all the threads and started stitching right before christmas! By New Year's day I was so aggravated by the fabric that I made the OH take me to Michael's so I could buy some 18ct aida. And Chessie was restarted on January 2nd. Unfortunately I haven't made as much progress on him as I would like. I quickly learned what confetti stitches were and boy did that set me back! But as I was coming to the end of 2009 and of course reading all your lovely stories, I've decided to bring Chessie back out! I look forward to showing all of you his goofy smile one day!

Happy New Year's to you all!



stitchinfiend said...

Kerri I look forward to seeing some pics of Chessie. HAED's are a huge learning curve.

Joke said...

Kerri, Chessie is worth all the effort you can put in her! So don't be in a hurry, be patient and once you will finish her. Posting a picture of her in this blog might help stay motivated LOL

Sabine S. said...

I'd love to see Chessie! Seems we all learned something from our first HAEDs, but also they helped us to step off the deep end and start more and more HAEDs! Someday when we finish these firsts, they will mean the world to us.