Thursday, March 5, 2009

Louanne's Intro

Thanks for inviting me Cindy and Wendy! My name is Louanne, CrazyForCrossStitch in cyber space. I’m married for 13 years this October. No children except for 3 furbabies, Sky, Storm, and Simon – 2 Persians and 1 Domestic Longhair (which makes for a lot of cat hair in my stitching!) I live in Northern New Jersey, USA. About 40 minutes south of NYC. Believe it or not, this is horse country! I’m practically across the street from several (race) horse farms.

Shelia Wolk is the artist that caused me to find HAED in July of 2005 and I admit: I am an HAED addict! It’s a shame that HAED no longer charts her work.

The first HAED I completed was QS Wizard of Oz - Gustafson

Then ACEO Best Friends - Harrison
My current wips are:
Goblin Tree - Ravenscroft

Dark Cherry - Kuik

Lil Blue Fairy Cat - Hawks,

Curly Tailed Rosy - Rodrigue

and Bewitched - Koukiotis (this last one is in Vikki's silks)

I look forward to sharing my stitching with you all and watching your stitching and stash grow!


Wendy said...

Welcome Louanne to our blog! I love your HAED you are doing! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Cindy F. said...

Thank you Louanne for your sweet comments! and WELCOME to our new group!! We're so excited you're joining us. WOW!! Your wips are absolutely AMAZING!! Beautiful stitching and designs! I love your enthusiasm! Have fun and I can't wait to see more:)

Yoyo said...

Wow, you have so many at one time, what a courageous lady you are. Beautiful stitching. Looks like you don't need a lot of encouragement, but we can still praise your lovely works. You will have to be the cheer leading section and keep us beginners on track (LOL).

Sjoukje said...

Hi! You stitch at a lot of HAED's at the same time! I like the QS Wizard of Oz, since I am working on the complete picture ;)
But the cats are beautiful as well. Looking forward to see your further work!

BW said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see all those WIPs turn into finishes. :)

Valerie L. said...

Lol, I have cat hair in my stitching too! Only one cat at home, but it's black and white so whatever you wear, you see it!
But as you khow, they can be so lovely!
I'm impress by the amount of stitching you're doing at the same time! Congratulations! Beautiful stitching!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - impressive WIP's and finishes.

Srinity said...

You have some really beautiful finishes and projects. I love the Curly Tailed Rosy. :) I'm a big Rodrigue fan and I hope I get to stitch the Perfect Poison soon. But first I need to finish at least one of my wips. :D

Terri said...

Great projects Louanne. THey all look so bright and cheery