Saturday, March 7, 2009

I finally began!

Hello everyone!

I couldn't wait for my threads anymore so after a big day at work Friday, I decided to go to the nearest shop to buy 3 colors (More expensive than by Internet, that's why I was waiting...)

It was 6 o'clock, I hadn't eat yet, it was badly snowing /raining outiside (A bad mix for a drive...) I couldn't find the tiny shop between all the big one on the main street. So I stop and made a phone call in a public cabin without a roof (No, I don't have any cell phone yet) and the gentleman explained me the way.

So, I finally had 3 colors, a bad hairday and I've started my Goldilocks yesterday!!!

Look at the result, aren't they the most beautiful brown and black threads you've ever seen? LOL!

I think I'm a bit crazy but I know that you'll understand me ;)

Bon point de croix à toutes!


stitchinfiend said...

Valerie is it wonderful to be among friends who totally understand our craziness. What a gorgeous picture you have picked to stitch. I have been stitched HAED's for quite a few years now and the addiction has not gone away..........LOL. I look forward to see pics of your progress.

Mich said...

Great that you have started already, even if your hair had to suffer for it ;-))

Astrid said...

We are all crazy zo we do understand it completly!!!I do the same to get the floos and fabric. !! great start !!

Cindy F. said...

Oh girl! You sound like me! When I want something bad enough, I'm on a mission til I get it!!
Beautiful start!!

Terri said...

Salut Valerie,
It looks great so far.

Wendy said...

I just love this design! I'm a bear lover! Your start looks great already! I'm really looking forward to see this one growing!

Vickie said...

Very nice start....I completely understand. I was stitching in my car on a trip, broke my needle. Drove my husband crazy until we could stop at a store to buy me a needle!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Of course they're the most beautiful! Nice start!

Maxine said...

Isn't it great when you're so addicted you just HAVE to get some threads and make that all important start like nothing else matters lol. At least we are all as crazy on here :) Looking forward to watching you're progress!