Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello from Lesley

Hi, I just want to say hi to everyone here. I love HAED charts and am busy working on a number of them. I have finished one -- the Letter L and have 6 more in the progress of being done. I have a companion to the L with the Letter G and it is over half finished now. I am hoping to get them made into pillows for Hubby and myself.

I am also working on Wizard's Emissary and have nearly completed the first row of pages. I have Daydreaming Fairy which is part of the year long SAL on the forum. One of my favourite artists on the site is Ciro Marchetti. I have a number of his charts and am working on two. Ancient Eygpt and Peacock's Lagoon. The final chart that I am working on at the moment is Pink Daydreams. I have the first page done and it is on the back burner right now waiting for me to finish a few others.

The rest of my work in progress.
Wizard's Emissary

Ancient Egypt

Peacock's Lagoon

Pink Daydreams
Daydreaming Fairy


Valerie L. said...

My god, you have so much project at the same time! I'll enjoy to see your progress.
Good bye!

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Friend!! You really have some amazing wips!! So happy you're joining us:)

Wendy said...

Welcome to our blog! Oh My! You do have some great WIP's. I'm looking forward to see them grow!

jessneal said...

Looks great! Your pillows are going to look wonderful!

stitchinfiend said...

I love Pink Daydreams she is just so pretty. You have some great WIP's and I look forward to seeing more of them.

Maxine said...

WOW fabulous work!!!

kiwiflowa said...

Fantastic WIP's, I really liked seeing a pic of your completed 'L'.

Yoyo said...

Great WIPs. I'm really looking forward to the Wizards Emissary, I love that one!

Carolyn NC said...

Great WIP's!