Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valerie - Goldilocks

Bonjour à toutes!

You can guess that I speak French... I'm from Québec, Canada so I'll do my best with English, excuse my mistakes! With you I'll improve my cross stitch and language skills!
I'll start my first HAED design, I chose the beautiful Goldilocks... and desesperatly waiting for my threads... should be in my mail box by Wednesday! I cross stitch since I'm 14 (now 26) but that's my first real big challenge.
I'll give you news! And of course pictures of my work.
Bon point de croix (Point de croix is the French for cross stitch ;))


Cindy F. said...

Welcome Valerie! We're so excited you're joining us! Thank you for teaching us French words:) How fun!
The design you've chosen is beautiful!! I love it! There are so many I want to stitch, but I'll stick to one for now:) Can't wait to see yours progress!! Have a great week!

Wendy said...

Hi Valerie,

So great you joined the blog. And WOW this is also a very beautiful HAED pattern. Love it so much! Think I want this one too ;-) Can't wait to see your progress, and never mind about the English, we're typing mistakens too.

Have a stitchy week.

Mich said...

Bonjour de la Belgique Valerie ;-))

This is also a great pattern that you are stitching. Love it so much ... A real fairytale ...

Caroline said...

Hello from a fellow Canuck! Lovely project.

Suzie said...

Valerie, I love the pattern that you are working on! Their fairy tale images are so detailed, and I love the soft, golden colors that they infuse into them, making them warm & cozy.

I hope that you enjoy every stitch on your project! It will be fun to see your progress!

And don't worry about your English! You are doing a whole lot better than I would be, if I were writing in French! I've always thought that the French language is so beautiful, but never advanced past the high school level, which was a LONG time ago! lol It is charming to see some of your French phrases, and I hope that you'll continue!

Terri said...

Bonjour Valerie. Your design you picked is a great design. Cannot wait to see your progress.
Bonne Chance