Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday SAL!!!

Why do I have such a hard time keeping up with the days of the week?! HA!!!

It's Thursday, in case YOU forgot;) and we can't wait to see your stitchy progress and/or new starts:) Have fun everyone!!

Oh...I haven't forgotten about August's giveaway. I'm still deciding, but will post soon. I'm trying to get myself back to my "happy place", but my son is making it hard:( The joys of parenting.....Aren't they supposed to grow up and be independent?? BEFORE we die??

Carla, I mailed your July prize this past Monday, 8/3 (to Peru) and the post office says 7-10 days.
Please let me know when you receive it:)

Have a great weekend everyone!! Sending my hugs to each of you!'
Cindy F.


Yoyo said...

Cindy......dear......they NEVER get that independent (and I'm not so sure there's an LOL in there either).

Carla said...

Don't worry Cindy, I'll let you know as soon as I get it :)
Thank you!