Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goldilocks on 2009-08-06

Hi girls!

This is the result of the last 3 weeks of stitching... Next time, you'll probably see the entire Goldilocks! Isn't she cuuuute!!!
I was afraid of not posting few days ago!!! I hurted my right hand and I'm right handed... What a nightmare for a stitcher! I tought I had a little bone broken but finally, it's just a little blue and brown for now... I can stitch again, even if my boyfriend told me that it was better to stop for few days... I just CAN'T! I realised that I'm really addicted! Thank you HAED :P

Good bye!
Have a stitchy week!


Carolyn NC said...

Wow - really coming along - not too much more!

Marie said...

Coucou Valérie !!

I'm so sorry for your hand my friend... but I feel reassured to know that it's a blue instead of a broken bone. I hope that you will be totally okay very soon.
Yes, you are addicted... and so I am...!!! But what a sane addiction !!

Your work looks beautiful, and she is adorable...

Have a nice week Valérie,
Prends soin de toi...


Cindy F. said...

Valerie! I'm sorry to hear about your hand! Please be careful...the stitching can wait;)
Your progress is so exciting!! Goldilocks is adorable!! Great progress!!!

Mimosa said...

She is so cute!